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  • What is ABA Therapy?
    Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a scientific approach to learning. It focuses on the idea of motivation and consequences of our behavior. Based on these principles, we identify the cause or the individuals motivation of their behavior and develop an individualized plan to change future behaviors and learn new skills.
  • How will ABA therapy help my child?
    ABA therapy will address problem behaviors affecting the child’s daily living. During the initial assessment we identify developmental deficiencies. With children diagnosed with developmental disabilities or behavioral disabilities, this often includes areas of effective verbal communication, like the ability to converse with parents and peers, request items/activities and communicating emotions and needs. Other skills we target include social skills, play skills, potty training, self-care skills (brushing teeth, washing hands, etc.), and day-to-day living skills (getting dressed, table manners, etc.).
  • Does ABA therapy work for Autism?
    ABA therapy is heavily researched approach to helping children with autism. . It has been known for its impact with those diagnosed with Autism. ABA has been a therapeutic approach among children with Autism since the 1960’s.
  • Who else can benefit from ABA?
    Additional research and therapeutic implementations include easing struggles associated with ADHD, anxiety, or even depression. It should be noted that Behavior Analysis isn’t just limited to these populations. In many cases it is also applied in organizational business management, weight loss programs, and sports training. Using the scientific methodologies, and strategies of the science makes every program in ABA is unique and meaningful.
  • How is the process and what should I expect?
    The initial process after the intake paper has been fully completed and we receive authorization from insurance ( in most case), the Behavior Analyst will set an initial appointment for an assessment. The assessment period typically is 1-3 observation sessions with a SET therapist. After the initial assessment visits, we develop a Behavior Intervention Plan that is individualized to meet the needs of the person receiving services. All plans include collaboration with family goals. Ongoing ABA therapy may include 4-40 hours of weekly direct training of the child. Again, the required therapeutic hours are all individualized and determined during the initial assessment. Typically, the greater the deficiencies identified during the initial assessment, the greater the hours.
  • Do you offer parent training?
    Absolutely! Parental involvement in treatment is crucial for all patients who is participate at any of our programs. Parents/ caregivers are required to attend parent training. The trainings may be in clinic, home, or community. Each parent training is individualized.
  • Will my insurance cover ABA therapy?
    Each insurance plan is different and must be thoroughly evaluated to determine whether or not coverage for Applied Behavior Analysis is provided. Our staff is happy to navigate the insurance process and provide you with specific information on your plan’s benefits & eligibility.
  • Do you accept Family Empowerment Scholarship for Unique Abilities (formerly Gardiner)?
    Yes, we are an approved provider
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